People Vs. Places is an ongoing collaborative series of double exposure 35mm prints that fuse people and environments through independently captured photos. Our exchange occurs by sharing a roll of film passed between each other without any knowledge of the content previously shot. We explore the e


The girls over at  INDO bought 27,000 old slides on eBay for an event installation at the Art Institute of Chicago. I went over to their studio and sifted through a box and started overlaying two at a time and photographing them. While sorting through, I found myself traveling all over the world through these images. From old movie stills from Beijing, to a French boys third birthday party in the 60s, each set of slides would give me an intimate look at the lives of strangers from the past that I got lost in for hours. Much like my People Vs. Places project with Timothy Burkhart, I have a fascination with putting two images that are completely unrelated to each other, into one shot.  My particular favorite being a couple that was looking out the window from a bar into a city below, and overlaying it so they are watching an erupting volcano in Hawaii (shown below.)  Click through to view the images, and enjoy!