People Vs. Places

People vs Places is an ongoing collaborative series of double exposure 35mm prints that fuse people and environments through independently captured photos. Our exchange occurs by passing the camera to the other without any knowledge of the content previously shot, and so we explore the ever-shifting moments of relational possibility by surrendering control, using the camera to document our momentary encounters. Stephanie captures people – her work driven by the ephemerality, psychology, and identity; Tim captures place – his work inspired by site specificity, landscape and architecture. 

Our methodical process forces us both to be impulsive and uncertain, let go of the notion of perfection and to shoot without premeditation. Each image becomes the summation of discovery through happenstance; the photographs ultimately portray fictional worlds, compositions that evoke individual narratives created by the viewer. Through this process driven collaboration we are able to mirror the way in which people individually wander in space, continuously crossing paths in place without conscious intention. 

Over the past four years we have collectively shot and developed over a hundred rolls of film. When processed, the negatives are virtually unedited: without digital manipulation, and with minor color adjustments and dust removal.